40" Bar

40" Bar

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Harnessing Unbeatable Distance

The XPR Light bar series provides a powerful distance light bar option, that has distance comparable to HID with all the benefits of LED. The XPR combines powerful 10 watt LEDs with IRIS reflector technology to outshine and outlast.

Dual Mounting Options

With dual mounting options of both end-cap mounting and patented mounting feet, this affordable light bar is the ultimate solution for your truck, Jeep, or ATV.

Prime Drive Technology

Prime Drive Technology from Vision X Lighting controls vital functions such as temperature control and dimming on your LED Light Bar. This advanced technology can increase or decrease the intervals at which the LEDs turn on and off in order to lower the bars overall temperature and maximize the lifespan.


XPR-39891606Straight6″33,237 lm2,216 lm1.55 lb11-32V302.5A
XPR-69891613Straight11.50″66,474 lm4,431 lm2.84 lb11-32V605.0A
XPR-9M9891620Mixed19.00″99,711 lm6,648 lm4.65 lb11-32V907.5A
XPR-12M9891637Tilted LEDs24.00″1212,948 lm9,064 lm5.24 lb11-32V12010.0A
XPR-15M9891644Tilted LEDs29.40″1516,185 lm11,330 lm6.05 lb11-32V15012.5A
XPR-18M9891651Tilted LEDs34.70″1819,422 lm13,595 lm7.67 lb11-32V18015.0A
XPR-21M9891668Tilted LEDs40.00″2122,659 lm15,861 lm9.01 lb11-32V21017.5A
XPR-24M9891675Tilted LEDs45.30″2425,896 lm18,127 lm9.67 lb11-32V24020.0A
XPR-27M9891682Tilted LEDs50.60″2729,133 lm20,393 lm10.90 lb11-32V27022.5A

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