Duraline Tree Saver Strap

Duraline Tree Saver Strap

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DuraLine™ 8' Tree Saver Straps

Trees often make great recovery points, but wrapping winch line or chains around a tree will cut into the tree, causing scarring and eventually killing it.  To prevent tree damage, we have developed a 3” wide Tree Saver strap to distribute the recovery load over a wide area to reduce or eliminate damage to the tree.

The DuraLine™ 8' Tree Saver Straps are made from 100% high-tenacity, polyester double ply webbing that is UV and abrasion resistant. The eyelets or loops are reinforced with an abrasion resistant material for maximum strength and durability.  The load or tow rating on the DuraLine™ 8' Tree Saver Straps is 35,000lbs.

A DuraLine™ Protector Sleeve is also included

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