*NEW* XJ Hybrid Pre Fit DIY Cage Kit

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This kit is very similar to our XJ Builder kit we have had out for years, but this kit comes with all exterior bars pre fit & coped., making install much quicker!  Kit also includes instructions, with where to drill and locate holes in roof.


  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Extremely Tight Fitting to Maximize Space
  • CNC Bent from 1 ¾" x .120 DOM Tubing
  • This DIY Kit is Bent & Notched. (Always will be minimal fit work required prior to welding)
  • Shipped in Raw Finish
  • Custom modifications are available- Please contact


  • 1- Roof Halo (Cut in 4 pieces for shipping)
  • 2- A Pillars Bars- Bent & Coped
  • 2- B Pillar Bars- Bent & Coped
  • 2- C Pillar Bars- Bent & Coped
  • 7- Roof Spreaders- Bent & Coped
  • 3- Roof Side to Side Bars- Bent & Coped
  • 1- Rear Cross Bar For C Pil- Coped
  • 1- 5 Pt Bar (Needs Coped & Fit)
  • 2- Tube Caps
  • 4- CNC Cut Floor Plates


We bring you the best fitting cage kit on the market for the most competitive pricing.  All parts included are bent, and notched where we can.  You can position your B Pillar interior bars as far forward or back as you prefer.  With changing this location, that will change the length needed for all of you roof spreaders.  We cope 1 side of all roof spreaders.  The A Pillars are designed to be ran behind your fenders and weld to your rock sliders.  The A Pillar bar will also require some fitment work, as it will be fit differently depending on how your sliders are designed. These kits are 100% manufactured in house in our Enumclaw, Wa manufacturing facility with only the highest quality tooling available. Our products are all manufactured with 1 ¾" x .120 DOM tubing. Why DOM, and not HREW like many of our competitors? We want the products you purchase from XO FAB to last a lifetime. Not sell you a product that WILL dent and bend after use. We feel it is best to manufacture a product that will withstand the offroad abuse, and hopefully only sell it to you ONE time. DOM is a MUCH stronger material over HREW in the same size.

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