Rock Defense Low Profile Front Bumper

Rock Defense Low Profile Front Bumper

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ock Defense™ Low Profile Front Bumpers

Rock Defense™ Low Profile Front Bumpers:

  • Front Bumper #1 Low Profile, 120187-1-KIT
  • Front Bumper #2 Low Profile, 120188-1-KIT
  • Front Bumper #3 Low Profile, 120189-1-KIT
Note: You will need to re-use your bumper's existing hardware.

Note: Bumper not rated for towing.

Shipping on all front bumpers to the continental US is $64.

 StyleYear RangeBumper Model
Pickup1984-1985Model #1 (120187-1-KIT)
Pickup1986-1988Model #2 (120188-1-KIT)
Pickup1989-1995Model #3 (120189-1-KIT)
4Runner1984-1985Model #1 (120187-1-KIT)
4Runner1986-1989Model #2 (120188-1-KIT)
4Runner1990-1995Model #3 (120189-1-KIT)

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