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TG10000 Winch

The TG10000 Winch is the toughest and most reliable winch in the world. The TG10000 Winch has an IP68 rating (Ingress Protection Rating) on the solenoid and IP67 rating on the drum. The TG10000 Winch meets all SAE-J706 standards for winches. With 17 internal seals, it is completely protected from the elements and is 100% waterproof and dust/sand proof.

What is an IP68 rating?

  • IP = Ingress Protection Rating
  • The first digit represents the level of protection against the ingress of solid objects. The highest rating is "6" − Completely dust tight.
  • The second digit represents the level of protection against total immersion. The highest rating is "8" − Continuous immersion in over one meter of water.

The TG10000 Winch is far ahead of its competitors. With a 6.5 HP series wound motor, three stage planetary gear system, 265:1 gear ratio, and automatic load holding brake, you can count on this winch in any situation. Included with your TG10000 Winch is a very smart, ergonomically designed remote control with a 10’ cord and very functional sealed switch. Also included is a roller fairlead, a hook, and all the necessary mounting hardware.

Maximum winchline capacity: 3/8” x 75’ Duraline Exoshield winchline or 3/8” x 100’ Duraline winchline

Kit Includes:

  • TG10000 Winch
  • Sealed Remote Switch with 10' Cord
  • Roller Fairlead
  • Hook
  • Mounting Hardware

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