TJ DIY Full Cage

Your Price: $1,099.95
Part Number:DIYTJCAGE2

  • Engineered and Manufactured in the USA
  • Extremely Tight Fitting to Maximize Space
  • Designed to Fully Replace Stock Cage
  • CNC Bent from 1 ¾" x .120 DOM Tubing
  • DIY Kits are Bent & Notched. Minor Fit Work Required Prior to Welding
  • Shipped in Raw Finish
  • Custom modifications are available- Please contact


  • 2- A Pillar 3/16" Steel Formed Plates
  • 2- A Pillars Bars
  • 2- Windshield to C Pillar Bars
  • 2- Windshield Bars
  • 2- Roof Spreaders 
  • 3- B Pillar Bars
  • 1- Rear Halo
  • 2- Rear Roof Spreaders
  • 2- C Pillar Halo Supports
  • 1- Harness Bar
  • 4- B Pillar Gussets
  • 4- Cage Floor Plates
  • 2- Windshield Mount Plates


We bring you the best fitting cage kit on the market for the most competitive pricing.  All parts included are bent, and notched.  These kits are 100% manufactured in house in our Enumclaw, Wa manufacturing facility with only the highest quality tooling available. Our products are all manufactured with 1 ¾" x .120 DOM tubing. Why DOM, and not HREW like many of our competitors? We want the products you purchase from XO FAB to last a lifetime. Not sell you a product that WILL dent and bend after use. We feel it is best to manufacture a product that will withstand the offroad abuse, and hopefully only sell it to you ONE time. DOM is a MUCH stronger material over HREW in the same size.

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